Welcome beloved Wild One! I am the creator behind Wildblends Co and am a qualified Intuitive Herbalist based in my hometown of beautiful Byron Bay.

The creative in me wanted to offer more to the community, so Wildblends Co was born out of a passion to assist those of you that experience fatigue, anxiety, indigestion and overall flatness but to especially help with nervous system regulation. I also wanted to see herbs as a commonplace addition to yours and my own daily routine and health regime – but of course these blends needed to be tasty and that’s when my inner alchemist made a plan. This plan blends medicinal quality organic herbs, fused together with cacao and spices and ultimately provides delicious powdered blends that are perfect for everyday use.

I have a deep and innate connection to Mother Earth and her rhythms (which we ALL have). My calling is to assist us in recognising this connection once again – hence why my blends correlate to the moon phases, solar energy but also our heart centres. Plants and herbs respond to the seasons and change potency and growth potential. As humans we do this also, that is why I feel it is best to take certain herbs for each season to assist in greater regulation of your body’s natural rhythms, bringing you back into balance again.

And because we are a little ‘hippy’ around here, you can be assured that your blends are super charged with high vibrations from mantras and from hanging out with selenite and rose quartz, and I cleanse myself and the space before blending – as intention is important to uphold in the purest form when offering service.


Janine Emerson

Creatrix, Wildblends Co.



© 2018 WildBlends Co

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